Techno Scooter

The Geek Wheels techno-scooter will definitely appeal to geeks for obvious reasons - it contains more than enough technology within to keep geeks happy regardless of whether the journey is a few miles away or one is in for a long haul ride. A 1.2GHz VIA processor with 1GB RAM runs the proceedings from within, and you even have an operating system stored on its 2GB SSD. Other features include an 8" LCD touchscreen display with an integrated TV antenna - just keep your eyes peeled on the road and leave the TV watching to the passenger! Good thing a DVR has been built-in as well so that you can catch up on the action once you've arrived at your destination. A webcam is also placed right under the headlight, allowing you to transmit that visual information to whoever is interested via its integrated Wi-Fi access point. Other features include a built-in FM transmitter and GPS navigation. This is not for sale though, and is just an exhibition unit. Bummer!



3-wheel scooter said...

In 3-wheel scooter one of the major pluses for the scooter is the fact that it's constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

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Brian said...

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