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Motor scooters are the most fun and economical means of transportation. Adults and children can learn to use scooters within minutes for getting around town. Most stand-up scooters are lightweight and usually fold up, they're a practical means of transportation as well. The larger 49cc scooters are great for riding to work or a quick run to the store. Motor Scooters come in several styles and sizes for different riding needs. So how you plan to use your scooter is the most critical factor to determine which scooter model is right for you to buy. 50cc scooters in some states do not require insurance or a scooter license driving permit. Check your sate DOT scooter laws.

Types of Motor Scooters
If your looking to get from point A to point B or just a scooter to use for fun, buying the correct scooter model is

Gas-Powered Scooters

* Faster and more powerful than other scooter types.

* They have a gasoline scooter engine.

* Fast 50cc scooters are great for the highway driving.

* Scooters have great gas mileage to save money on gas expense.

* Gas scooters have a long range depending on the fuel tank size.

When riding gas-powered scooters in public roadways make sure to learn your local scooter laws to see if you need a scooter permit.

Electric Scooters

* Bigger, heavier scooters designed to transport you short distances, such as around campus or your neighborhood

* Battery-powered motors travel upwards of 10 to 20 miles per hour for up to 8 to 16 miles a trip before you need to recharge the battery

* Most electric scooters are made out of very durable aluminum

* Rear hand brakes allow you to control your speed and stop easily.

* The electric scooter battery size will determine how fast and how far the scooter can go between recharges. The electric scooter that will suit your needs is one of the most important buying decisions.

* Also make sure you check your local scooter laws before you ride an electric scooter in public roadways.

Folding Scooters

* This popular style of scooter is usually purchased for children or young adults, the standard folding scooter can be used to glide around the neighborhood, go to work, or even do scooter tricks. Always wear protective DOT scooter helmets.

* Folding scooters are designed to balance compact size and lightweight construction for a smooth ride.

* You can collapse these scooters in just a few seconds, making them small enough to carry easily.

* Two-wheeled scooters usually have polyurethane wheels like those on inline skates, but larger.

* Most folding scooters are made of lightweight aluminum or steel and have fender brakes where you step on the rear fender until it presses against the wheel and stops the scooter.

* The Scooter kicktail is a portion of the deck that extends upward over the rear wheel and provides more freestyle riding and leverage you need to do scooter tricks. Most freestyle scooters also have handbrakes since the kicktail prevents use of a scooter fender brake.

* The three-wheeled scooters or scooter trikes use 100 mm inline skate style wheels like a folding scooter, with two up front and one in the rear for extra scooter stability.

Don't Overpay for your Scooter
Beware of a Misleading Sales Pitch from Direct Scooter Manufacturer's.
"buy direct and save" sounds logical... but don't believe the hype!

Most people who buy direct from a scooter manufacturer spend considerably more for their scooter ... $500.00 to $1,000 more - than they would have if they bought from a authorized scooter dealer. People just figure that they are saving money if they buy direct from the scooter manufacturer. In most cases this is not true. Buying your scooter from an authorized scooter dealer will usually get you the best price because scooter dealers buy in bulk and can save you a considerable amount of money on your next scooter purchase. Scooters dealers buy for much much less then the general public and pass the savings on to you the scooter consumer. Any real quality Scooter manufacture does not sell direct to the public but points the public to there local distributor scooter dealership. and remember judge a scooter by its warranty.

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